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- Anouschka Schutte -

My mission is to provide legible and intelligible (medical) translations, and to write high-quality texts for customers that meet their varied business needs. I work closely with my customers to produce great texts that are not only a pleasure to  read, but are also crystal-clear.

Proactive Translations

Translation and editing services

My company, Proactive Translations, provides translations from English to Dutch, Dutch to English, and Spanish to Dutch. Although I started specializing in medical texts when I was getting my translation degree, I naturally translate for other sectors as well.

In addition to translations, I also offer proofreading and editing services for texts that have been written by others. This involves checking for both content and linguistic aspects, and applies to translations provided by colleagues as well as texts customers have written themselves.

Types of translations I provide:

  • Websites
  • Graduation projects, theses, internship reports
  • Medical files, patient information leaflets, manuals, protocols
  • In-company training programs, emails, product manuals, product safety sheets
  • Newsletters, press releases
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates, emigration and immigration files/records

Writing and editing

Proactive Translations’ other area of specialization is writing and editing texts. Although many of these texts are for business customers, I also regularly work as a ghostwriter for people who want to tell their life story.

Just a few examples of the editing and correction work I regularly handle: editing for magazines and other publications, final exam projects and medical papers. Teaching methods, workshop presentations, website texts: in my 20 years in this business, I have gained experience in a vast array of fields.

How can I help?

In addition to the work described above, I am always happy to steer people with a translation question in the right direction to help them find a solution. Looking for a translation in a language combination that I don’t offer? No worries! Just send me an email and if possible, I will refer you to one of the many experienced colleagues in my extensive professional network.

Need a flawless, highly readable text for business or personal purposes? Contact me at Proactive Translations (contact details).

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