Certified translations

Certified (sworn) translations

In some cases, authorities require an official translation of certain documents, such as birth certificates, deeds, driving licenses or diplomas. To make these documents valid for use at Dutch governmental agencies, or for the use in another country, the customer will need a certified translation, also known as a sworn translation. Proactive Translations can provide this type of translations. A sworn translation can only be created by a sworn translator who is registered at the Bureau Wbtv.

When is a translator a ‘sworn’ or certified translator?
A sworn translator has been sworn by the Dutch courts and must be registered at the Bureau Wbtv. To keep this registration up to date, participation in mandatory follow-up training is required for all certified/sworn translators. The sworn translator has a Wbtv ID card as proof of certification.

What is a sworn translation?
Strictly speaking, it is the translator who is sworn, not the document. But for legal purposes, a translation that is translated, certified and signed by a sworn translator is called a sworn translation (also known as a certified translation). The translator has been sworn by the court for a certain language combination (based on the translator’s experience and education). The translation is certified with stamps, and the original, or a copy of the original is stamped and/or initialled by the translator, and attached to the translation. The translation also contains a statement by the translator, stating that the translator has translated the (copy of the) original to his or her best ability.

Which types of documents need certified/sworn translations?
Civil records almost always require sworn translations. The same is true for notary deeds and diplomas, certificates and court rulings, and all documents that will be entered as evidence in court proceedings. In insurance claims, medical documentation also often requires a sworn translation.

Legalisation is the verification and confirmation of the signature of the translator. This is done at the courthouse.


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