Anouschka Schutte, translator

Anouschka Schutte, professioneel vertaler - Proactive Translations

Talent for languages

After my pre-university education level, I did a year of Teacher Training College (English and History) in Amsterdam, and a year of Teacher Training in Tilburg. After that, I decided to try my luck abroad and took an intensive advanced language course in Spanish at the CLIC Language Centre in Seville, Spain, in 1993.

Becoming a translator

In 1998, I successfully completed the Translator Academy (then the Interpreter-Translator Course) at the Maastricht University of Applied Sciences, with English as my first language and Spanish as my second. I interned at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UK), where I subsequently studied Linguistics and Popular Culture.

Continuous learning

As a translator, you always have to keep learning, so I took many courses and training programmes, such as a part-time History course at the University of Utrecht, a Medical Terminology Course, the Weight Watchers Nutritionist/Coach Training Course, a course in Intercultural Communication, and a Minor in Modern Britain (history and politics) at the ITV University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. I am currently studying to become an Autism Spectrum Experiential Expert.

My areas of expertise and what I can do for you

Fields of expertise:

  • Business management (Six Sigma, Management of Change, LEAN), Public Affairs management, Human Resources (employment contracts, development planning, training)
  • Academic publications (life sciences)
  • History (European history, popular history, archaeology)
  • Veterinary medicine, toxicology, chemistry, petrochemical applications, biology, biochemistry, pathology
  • Medical equipment, health care, environment, health and safety (EH&S) documentation, safety training
  • Chemical labelling, chemical safety sheets
  • Sworn translations of training documentation and legal documents
  • Other business or commercial translations

What I can do for you

I provide professional translations of a wide range of topics. My goal is to create easy-to-read Dutch (or English) texts or help you revise existing texts. I am also a sworn translator for Spanish and English, so if you need a certified translation, I can provide those.

Why choose me as a translator?

I am curious by nature and genuinely interested in your company, product or service. I love immersing myself in the subject matter, and figuring out how things work. I work meticulously and have an eye for the details and subtleties of a text. The success of your product or service is in part determined by the quality of the translated texts. Investing in a professional translation is a step toward entrepreneurial success. I support businesses with my knowledge and experience and ensure that my translations are clear, easy to read and accurate.

Membership and registration

I am a member of the NGTV (Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators) and registered with the WBTV Bureau (no. 41) as a fully sworn translator Dutch/English/Spanish.

Why are my dogs featured on my website?

Proactive Translations: zakelijke, beëdigde en medische vertalingen Engels-Nederlands, Nederlands-Engels en Spaans-Nederlands

A long time ago, I had a picture on my website of myself and my two dogs. At one point, I got a translation request for an annulment document, and when the client came to collect the translation, she told me her story: she was a novice in a convent and wanted to become a nun. To this end, she needed an annulment in English so the Vatican could consider the marriage not consummated (a condition for entering as a nun is that you are unmarried).

When I asked her why she had chosen me, she said, “You were on your website with your dogs, and people with dogs are good people”. And that is why my dogs are featured on my website.

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